Laurie’s and John’s Perspective on Eden

The experience at Eden Laboratories is of a dedicated, professional, spirited staff, a world-class clinic in terms of sterility, comfort, and care, and a holistic approach marked by the education of patients and their families.


The staff at Eden Laboratories was the most incredible part of the process.  All of the staff members (including doctors, head nurses, shift nurses, auxiliary nurses, and administrators) were incredibly professional and went above and beyond in caring for the patients and their families. Even the drivers of the vans were helpful and went out of their way to make us comfortable. It’s a small enough clinic that we knew everyone within several days and had many one-on-one conversations. It was reassuring from the moment we arrived at Eden; the staff was heavily invested in his health from the get-go. They worked nonstop throughout our entire two weeks, connecting with him and his family, joking often and sharing their positive energy.  They also spent time to educate us on the research and science at Eden Laboratories. The nurses and doctors walked us through each step of the treatment, explaining the rationale for the procedures. They were responsive to our curiosity and took the time to talk to us about their philosophies of health. It was a markedly different experience from the coldness and aloofness of hospitals in the United States.


The clinic itself and the patients’ rooms were comfortable and clean. There was powerful air conditioning, nice bathrooms, wireless internet access, and satellite television. The food was excellent. There was a gorgeous pool out in front of the spa-like rooms overlooking Corozal Bay, and we enjoyed watching the iguanas and hummingbirds outside Jerry’s room. The setting of the clinic, in Consejo Shores, was tucked away, quiet, and felt very secure.


The treatment at Eden was an education in holistic practices. As described on the “Jerry’s Story” page, there have been many dietary changes and exercises as part of the treatment. John, Jake, and Laurie have incorporated many of the recommendations into their routines as well. The doctors at Eden spoke about nutrition, fitness, and overall lifestyle changes that will enhance health for anyone, although they are especially important for Jerry and other patients. Drs. Nancy and Mitchell Ghen and Dr. David Blyweiss took the time to talk to us in Jerry’s room and around the clinic about their philosophy of good health, of reducing toxins in the system and promoting health through eating.


Overall, the experience at Eden Laboratories far exceeded our expectations in terms of the investment, professionalism, and spirit of the staff, the comfort and sterility of the clinic itself, and the focus on a holistic approach to health.


- By Jerry’s son and daughter-in-law, John & Laurie Kaufman