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Recent Articles and Press About Jerry:

· The Down East YMCA Interviews Jerry, August 2007

· Jerry’s “Stemcell Man Keeps Hope Alive” article The Ellsworth American, August 2007

· Jerry’s recent Humanitarian Award for Youth Advocacy, June 2007

ALS Organizations/Causes/Websites That We Specifically Support:

· Prize4Life, Organization that raises money for biomarker and cure for ALS. 

· Dollar4Life.org, Subgroup of Prize4Life (above); grassroots cause with goal to have 1Million people contribute to ALS research.

· Patients Like Me, Portal/website for people with ALS and other illnesses to meet and communicate

· ExploreStemCellsA reference point on understanding stem cell research and treatments.

· IsrALS, The Israeli ALS Research Association

· Auggie’s Quest

· MDA’s ALS Division, National Organization focused on patient support and research for cure

· ALSA, National Organization focused on patient support and research for cure

Eden Laboratories Website and Blogs/Website from Other Eden Patients:

· Eden Laboratories, Where we went for Stem Cell treatments

· Lee’s Blog (Jerry’s Roommate during Eden Booster Trip)

· Path of Promise, Susan’sBlog

· Kathy’s Krusade (You’ll have to sign up/log in to view)

· Dave LaMontagne’s (Jerry’s Roommate at Eden Laboratories) Blog

Stem Cell Organizations:

· SSSCR—Student Society for Stem Cell Research

· ISSCR—International Society for Stem Cell Research

· Stem Cell Action Network

· National Institute of Health (NIH), Stem Cell Information

ALS and Research Organizations:

· Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins University

· University of Wisconsin-Madison, Stem Cell Center

· UCLA Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Medicine

· UCI Stem Cell Research Center

· ALS Web Forums

ALS Related News

· Stephen Hawking to promote Israeli ALS research, Feb 2007

· Scientists claim embryonic stem cell advance, June 2007

· Researchers find new evidence for Immune System Involvement in ALS, April 2007

· Hopkins scientists say their method shows potential to help people suffering from neurological disorders, June 2006

· Broad Foundation Starts New USC Stem Cell Center, March 2006

· Stem cell scientists make progress toward ALS treatments, April 2005

· UCLA plans $20 million stem cell research institute, March 2005


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