The passage of six months since Jerry's death has given our family time to be reflective about Jerry's journey with ALS.  As sad as we are from losing Jerry, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the gifts of unconditional love and inspiration that he shared with us.  Our grief has created a wakefulness that we have not experienced previously.

 ALS was a destiny we could not escape.  Jerry was an amazing and tenacious "warrior" against such a formidable foe, and he inspired many of us with his courage and optimism.  The stem cell treatments provided us with a sense of hope and optimism.  We remain committed to the promising science of stem cell research, and to the creative and innovative researchers, who are aggressively working toward finding a cure for ALS.  We firmly believe that Stem Cell Therapy will one day cure ALS, may it be sooner than later.

 We didn't travel this journey alone.  We are immensely grateful for the compassionate attention and support we received from Hancock County Homecare and Hospice, who treated Jerry with the utmost dignity and respect.  The ALS Association of New England helped us acquire much needed equipment for Jerry.  The Eden experience in Belize gave Jerry an additional five months of vibrant health, and most importantly, hope.  And, the tender-caring support of our community of family and friends nurtured our strength to be resilient, and continues to sustain us.

 Jerry had an inspiring ability to accept the physical challenges of ALS as opportunities for personal growth and for philosophical redirection. Nonetheless, our journey with ALS was agonizingly poignant.  However, we gained uncommon perception about how to live fully in the face of fatal illness and hopelessness.  We tasted and savored the sweetness of every day we shared together.

 We will always remember Jerry's "joie de vivre"= his extraordinary joy for living.  Our memories of this special and passionate human being will forever bless and enrich our lives.



The Kaufman Family