Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Update 3-December-2007, by Jerry:

November marked the one year anniversary of my diagnosis and two years since we believe my symptoms began.  The positive news is that the progression seems to have slowed somewhat from the rapid course it was on.


The slower progression allows me adapt easier to the changes occurring in my body, and to make the necessary adjustments.  Another positive development has been the involvement of Hancock County Home Care in our lives.  Our very good friend/nurse, Maureen Giffin, who is an administrator with HCHC, has arranged for us to receive the services of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and nursing consultation.  These individuals have been, knowledgeable, compassionate, and of great benefit in helping us deal with the changes in our life.  They have been able to show us exercises and techniques to increase motion, reduce pain, and improve the quality of our life.


The work continues with our bathroom remodeling project.  When completed (2- weeks) it will have a roll in shower with bench, hand held shower unit, and safety grab bars.  I am also looking forward to receiving the "it's on the truck” recliner lift chair that will allow me to transfer from a chair to my walker without going through the acrobatics now required.  Thanks to daughter-in-love, Laurie, I now have white dry erase boards and markers to facilitate communication.  I am working on arranging for a computer speech augmentation device, but it must go through the bureaucratic process of speech therapist, insurance, Medicare, etc. before I will secure one. 


My diet consists primarily of pureed foods, soups, and power drinks.  I have lost over 25% of my body weight, and the challenge is now to maintain weight, which Jacqui has been very adept helping me attempt to do. Due to my increased difficulty with swallowing, I have modified the supplement protocol to reduce the number of pills I swallow.


Winter is now upon us, and the beautiful scenery outside is a reminder of the adaptability of nature, which I strive to emulate.


I remain open to the lessons that I am learning on a daily basis.  I work to maintain a positive mental attitude, and I continue to be filled with gratitude for all my many blessings, foremost the love and generosity of family and friends.