Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

October 25, 2007

Back Home from Booster


I have been home from my second trip to Eden Labs in Belize two weeks.  Thank you to Jacqui, John, & Jake for getting me there safely.  Thank you to the Eden Team for the excellent, dedicated care given me.  Thank you to Jake for getting me from Belize to Boston.  Thank you to my friend/brother Mark Remick for driving to Boston and bringing me home (5 hours each way) safely at 4:30 AM - a 19 hour travel day for me.


It took me a few days to recover from the trip home, and another few to adjust to some of the new neutraceuticals (supplements) - sneezing and runny nose.  That said, I am definitely better off than prior to making the trip.  My current status feels like one step backwards, two steps forward - moving in the right direction.  While I am aware that the treatments are not a cure, they have slowed my progression and improved the quality of my life. 


My glass is half empty, half full.  I have for the most part, lost my speech.  I am able to use software on my computer to speak, and I write on paper and magic slates.  I can walk using a 4 wheel walker to get around the house, and I exercise daily using a rebounder (mini trampoline) for cardio, and Pilate bands for muscle strength.  My left hand has atrophied, and my left ankle is weak, but my right hand is strong and I can rise from furniture unassisted.  I have had to reduce my selection of foods to soft, easy to swallow items, but Jacqui continues to be creative in meeting every challenge. 


My current Eden protocol has me sorting and swallowing 67 pills a day in 7 time periods.  This, along with meals, exercise, and responding to many emails, and reading, etc, fills my days.  I am quarantined due to my immune system being suppressed in order to give the stem cells a better opportunity to be accepted by my body.  So we are hibernating until Thanksgiving, enjoying the fall colors and the beauty of nature outside our windows.  I continue to maintain a positive mental and spiritual outlook, along with an attitude of gratitude for my many blessings. I am especially appreciative and grateful for the strong support of my family and friends.