Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

October 10, 2007

Booster Trip Update!

As those of you who have followed my progress know, after my stem cell implants last April I had amazing results.  My progress continued until August, when for some unknown reason, it seems my body rejected the stem cells.  This resulted in a rapid progression downward. 


Fortunately, I have returned to Eden Labs for a stem cell booster September 30 - October 11.  The doctors, who are continually researching and refining their techniques are excited about what they call their "new protocol."  With a new line of stem cells administered to me in my bone marrow, through IV's, and injected into my abdomen, along with a new variety of supplements and chelation, I am once again getting the results I experienced my last time here.  I feel stronger and I am walking carefully without my walker, something I have not done this past month.  My roommate Lee, who also has ALS, stood up from his wheel chair and walked with assistance for the first time in many months, which was very exciting for Lee, his family, the staff and the patients here.  Another, ALS patient who I met, completely paralyzed by ALS is beginning to move her hands and arms.  The work being done here is miraculous.  


With the new protocol, the optimistic view is that my body will accept the stem cells long term.  This program is not viewed as a cure, but rather a treatment.  However, what I see it doing in regards to the quality of life is very positive and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience it.  


I am appreciative to my family and friends who continue to support me in so many meaningful ways.