Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Update 24-August-2007, by Jerry:

To my relief (and many others), Hurricane Dean, which made a direct hit on the Eden Laboratories in Belize only caused moderate damage.  I have been told that repairs should be completed in a few weeks and not delay the return for my booster the end of September.


I am committed to working diligently in my battle with ALS.  I have continued exercising and working with my personal trainer, but we have had to relocate our sessions to the Holiday Inn fitness facility until after Labor Day while the YMCA undergoes improvement renovations.  Thanks to Jacqui, my menu continues to follow the Eden protocol in creative and delicious fashion.  I am consuming the Neutraceuticals (see photo below), and with the support of family and friends, I am able to maintain a positive mental attitude filled with gratitude for all my blessings.  I focus on the present, living each and everyday with joy and purpose.


I have discontinued the acupuncture treatments while I reassess their value to me.  The formula I use is: effort + expense = results (value).


I have enjoyed seeing other ALS patients (Kathy and Susan), with whom I have discussed my experience, travel to Eden for treatment.  They are both back home now and I have been pleased to hear of their similarly positive experiences.  Their blog's describing their journeys can be found in the link section of this website.  I have also had visitors with neurological illnesses come to our home to compare stories and discuss treatment options.  I continue to visit ALS Internet chat rooms and forums to share information and learn what I can. 


I have been interviewed for a couple of articles, which have appeared locally.  They are available to read on this site.


I am still awed by the response to this website.  We are approaching 7,000 visits by different computers (repeat visitors do not record on our counter).  The guest book is a source of inspiration, and I can not thank you enough for your prayers and positive words of support.  This website also is serving as an educational resource, it's original intent.  We post information that will expand and promote our knowledge and understanding of ALS/MND.


I have ordered and should receive this week red silicone bracelets (similar to the Lance Armstrong ones) that have embossed on them: DEFEAT ALS - STEMCELLMAN.COM  If you would like to wear it to create awareness for ALS and stem cell research, send me a self addressed stamped envelope and I will be happy to make them a gift to you.  My address is PO Box 200, Surry, ME 04684.