Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Update 6-August-2007, by Jerry:

Today I am celebrating my 35th Wedding Anniversary with my best friend, Jacqui, who is in addition StemCellMan Team Leader.  Another special event is the 33rd birthday of our older son, John, as he was born on our 2nd Anniversary.  To top it off, we also celebrated John and Laurie's 3rd Wedding Anniversary, which is 2 days after ours.  John, Jake, and daughter-in-love, Laurie were here for the celebrations.   Fortunately, I am able to drive, walk independently, go to restaurants, and enjoy an excellent quality of life.


I continue to work out at the YMCA 4 days a week, including 2 with Kevin, my personal trainer.  I am now swimming 15 laps in the 25 meter pool at the Y at least twice a week.  I have started Chinese acupuncture, which employs meditation, and visualized breathing exercises in addition to needles, etc. This is in addition to my healthy diet, neutraceuticals, and positive mental attitude.  The stem cells are now approaching 4 months of maturity.  I have no way to determine to what degree each individual protocol is working, but I believe that the combined protocol creates the positive outcome I am experiencing.


I have confidence that my mind and body are working together to strengthen my resolve to maintain optimal health.


My first booster treatment at Eden in Belize is currently scheduled for the end of September.