Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Update 8-July-2007, by Jerry:

I am strictly following the Eden Protocol: Diet, neutraceuticals, and exercise as my three month old stem cells continue to mature.  I am pleased with my progress.  I have good energy and stamina. I am able to drive and run errands.  I can walk unassisted, and the distances I can walk is increasing.  I am working out at the YMCA four days a week, including two days with a personal trainer.  I have seen my strength and balance improve.  I have added more exercises to my routine, and I am now able to spend 25 minutes on the elliptical cross trainer machine, or use the tread mill for 30 minutes. My stamina in the pool continues to increase; I am now swimming 10 laps.   I am focusing on trying to improve the quality of my speech and swallowing ability.  I have exercises to do, and I am hoping to see gains in this area as well. 


I am very thankful to Jacqui for her tireless efforts in meal preparation.  It involves frequent shopping for fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, lots of chopping and slicing, juice preparations, and creative meals.  Family and friends are very supportive and encouraging to me, and help keep my spirits buoyant. 


I believe that my success, in addition to the stem cells, diet, neutraceuticals, and exercise, is due in large part to my mental attitude.  As with any obstacle or challenge, one must maintain a "warrior" attitude, which requires determination and resiliency.  I continue to focus on the present with an optimistic, positive mental attitude combined with a sense of humor, and lots of gratitude for my blessings.  I believe that this mind/body connection is essential to healing and sustaining a healthy attitude. Stay tuned for the next update.