Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Update 17-June-2007, by Jerry:

I am continuing to make significant gains in week six since returning home from Belize.  To date I have lost 26 pounds on my new diet of organic, gluten-free foods.  As I continue to follow the Eden Clinic protocol, I have been working out at the YMCA, including twice a week with Kevin, my personal trainer.  We are focusing on strengthening my core muscles and balance.  I also am able to enjoy swimming at the Y while trying to increase the number of laps I swim each week.  Driving with confidence and walking without a cane are additional activities that I can enjoy since receiving the stem cell therapy.


Also, last week I was honored with the Nancy Gentile Humanitarian Award in recognition and appreciation for my dedication and caring service on behalf of families in Hancock County.  I was able to deliver my speech to the 70 people gathered without the use of a microphone.  This was unthinkable a few months ago!


Today for the first time since last September, I was able to participate in trap shooting at my local gun club.  Trap shooting (25 rounds shot at 5 different stations) requires balance, strength, stamina and coordination.  It was so great to be able to compete along side Jake on Father's Day.


I am working hard to continue making progress, and I am very grateful for the loving support of my family and friends, as well as the skills of the Eden Clinic staff.