Jerry’s Current Status and Outlook

Updated 20-May-2007, by Jacqui and Jerry:

It has been 1-month today since Jerry’s stem cell treatment.

He remains committed to his restricted diet: no alcohol, all organic, gluten free, no refined sugars, no black pepper, no red meat.  Additionally, all his personal hygiene products and household products are organic.

He takes nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals and herbs), about 55 pills a day.  He also self injects a precursor growth hormone daily.

Thanks to the efforts of Jacqui, he is finding the new eating regimen to be easier than he thought.  He is not hungry, he lost 18 pounds so far, and he does not feel deprived.  He feels very healthy to eat this way.  He now exercise twice a day, and he has incorporated dumb bells (5 lbs.) into the exercise routine along with push ups. He will add swimming to the routine soon.  He never thought he would ever be able to do these exercises again, so he is very encouraged and optimistic.

He is able to get out chairs much easier then he could before the stem cell therapy. He has greater flexibility and he also feel stronger and less fatigued.

He looks forward to continued progress as he maintains a positive mental attitude. This means focusing on the present and living each day to the fullest with laughter and joyfulness.  He is grateful for his blessings and very appreciative of the outstanding support system of family and friends that nurture his spirit.

He is very thankful for the opportunity to be a pioneer in stem cell treatment.  He believes that this will be the medical break through in the treatment of neurological and other diseases and afflictions.  Regardless of the success of his current treatment, he is happy to be able to contribute to scientific research his participation will bring.

He is scheduled to return to Belize for a booster treatment of stem cells this summer.